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We Have More Surprises Coming in 2024 With New Artists and New Keys From Artists You Love.

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Gary Wiseman

Bowling for Soup

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Michael Mcdermott

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

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Jamie Miller

Bad Religion

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Tomas Haake


Erik "Smelly" Sandin


Erik “Smelly” Sandin of NOFX signature drum key is available in turd brown and green and released just in time for the bands farewell tour.  This drum key is the shit!

drum key shop


We offer custom keys made to order. Each key is unique and created with you in mind, cast in metal and finished with one of 8 finishes. We offer full consulting every step of the way and would love to discuss your design with you when you’re ready.

Artists Endorsements

“From the original conversations to the unique ideas, from the design and fabrication stage onto the finished product, every key that I have seen, held, and/or USED by Drum Key Shop is truly one of a kind!  These things are masterpieces, each with its own personality and characteristics just like the artists they represent. There’s something here for every drummer, whether a novice, a pro, or even just an everyday fan of great drummers in great bands!”

- Cyrus Bolooki - New Found Glory

"When I first saw a DKS drumkey, I was immediately impressed with the idea of a personalized drum key, and seeing them (particularly Jamie Miller’s Bad Religion key) got me excited. I immediately ordered Jamie’s key and when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised with the actual key, as it is super heavy duty, detailed for drummers down to the magnet in the key. These keys will last forever and feel great in this drummer’s hands. I reached out to DKS and they made me feel right at home, right away; when you hold these keys you can feel they are not only the best quality, and look amazing, but you can feel the heart and care DKS puts into the production of these little, functional pieces of art.   I’m stoked and proud to be a part of the Drum Key Shop family!"

- Shannon Larkin - Godsmack

“The rad peeps at the Drum Key Shop nailed the design of my sig mantis key.. I actually use it on my own drums! I love all the unique designs & color variations of these signature keys from so many great artists… now you can collect multiple keys from your fav drummer!”

- Ray Luzier - KORN

About Us

Welcome to the DrumKeyShop Experience!

DrumKeyShop.com offers collectible keys made in collaboration with the artists for fans, professional drummers, drum techs and collectors.

We work with drummers from bands of all sizes to create new and unique products for release 2-3 times a month. Our team starts the design process with the drummers by finding out what drum key they love and what they most want to see in a key and then design their signature based on the size and weight that they prefer and the art that most appeals to the band. Each key is truly unique and the artists are included in each step of the process.

drum key shop

We Look

Forward to offering you excellent customer service and drum keys you’ll be proud to own.